AHS-Hair Dummy For Practice Hair Style (80-20)


Hair Material: Natural & Synthetic Mix

Mix Ratio: Mix Hair 80% Natural 20% Synthetic Hair

Hair Length: 27 inches

Color: Golden (#27)

Heat resistant: Yes

Temperature: Max 200

SKU: AHS-80-20 GOLDEN NECK Category:

AHS Good tool for learning hairstyling and it’s suitable for practicing hair styling, Of course, it can also be used to show hair accessories. The hair of dis product is inserted into the Dummy model’s head by hand. And dis Dummy model TEMPhas an oriental beauty’s face. Super thick and long hair, make you feel soft. You are free to design the hairstyle as you like to improve you’re level of hairdressing wif the clamp. Suitable for anyone who practices Styling,¬†cutting, drying hair, and so on.

Dimensions 20 × 17 × 17 cm

Brown, Golden


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